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Selamat datang[sunting]

Terima kasih untuk bantuannya :)
7 Mei 2017 17.02 (UTC)

Templat "-id-"[sunting]

Ratusan ribu halaman semua pakai {{indonesia}}, jadi tolong distandarkan, jangan diganti {{-id-}}. Demikian juga dengan {{-n-}} jangan diganti {{-k b-}}.
6 Juni 2017 07.46 (UTC)

Maaf, saya tidak setuju: Wiktionary:Warung_kopi#USULAN:_Struktur_dan_sintaks_lema. Taylor 49 (bicara) 19 April 2019 11.36 (UTC)


Silakan mengajukan permintaan untuk menjalankan bot terlebih dahulu sebelum botnya dijalankan lagi. Please request and wait until your bot has been granted bot status before continuing.
31 Januari 2019 23.41 (UTC)

Saya sudah meminta status bot di sini. Apakah ada birokrat yang masih hidup di wikikamus ini? Taylor 49 (bicara) 1 Februari 2019 10.32 (UTC)
Status bot diberikan 2019-Mar-13. Selesai Selesai Taylor 49 (bicara) 19 April 2019 11.36 (UTC)


Are you operating a bot on this account specifically and if so, is it malfunctioning? The last dozen or so edits appear to be vandalism, particularly stuff like this. Also pinging an active admin, @Bennylin: as I'm not fluent in the language and may be totally off base. Praxidicae (bicara) 6 Februari 2019 16.18 (UTC)

My apologies, it looks like you're testing the bot for abuse. Praxidicae (bicara) 6 Februari 2019 16.19 (UTC)
I was debugging my new module code (manually, not via my bot). I also have a bot but it has AFAIK not yet committed a single malicious edit. Pages like "HalamanKasar-41-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" are intended for bot testing. Tomorrow, I am logging out for now. Taylor 49 (bicara) 6 Februari 2019 16.26 (UTC)
That's why I apologized, it initially looked like a bot malfunctioning but I realized it was just testing. :) Praxidicae (bicara) 6 Februari 2019 16.29 (UTC)

Usulan di Warung Kopi[sunting]

saya menyimak saja usulan anda di Warung Kopi, karena masih belum paham. (masih baru sebagai pengurus). kita menunggu jawaban pak Benny. Cun Cun (bicara) 20 April 2019 05.14 (UTC)
@Cun Cun: Terima kasih. Usulan ini diarahkan kepada semua kontributor, tidak kepada pengurus saja. Anda bisa terus menyimak usulan dan berpikir, dan memberi jawaban nantinya. Taylor 49 (bicara) 20 April 2019 05.42 (UTC)

Your message on my TP[sunting]

Thank you for your message. In fact, for the SWMT patrol, generally, there is no message on the Talk Page of the offender for the obvious reasons of the language, local templates and especially for the local way of doing things. Sometimes, not all the time, I leave messages from Wikidata (WP QXXXXX template page), because if the template exists, it is for it to be used. For the page you mentioned, I noticed that there was Twinkle locally. When I used it, it did not work (TW in the history), so I decided to go back and not go further. Thank you for supporting me in the idea of ​​preventing a vandal, but I am an exception in this way of doing things. For example on nlwikt, the policy is different. I will try to remember the template next time, but if you have the opportunity to change Twinkle messages so that it does not make mistakes… ps. Do not you have a welcome message for my Talk page? I published for the first time on this wiki 6 months ago. Best Regards. —Eihel (bicara) 14 Juli 2019 23.02 (UTC)

@Eihel: About "not you have a welcome message": you have got it now (after some tests and deletions performed on your page).
About "you have the opportunity to change Twinkle messages": well I don't. MediaWiki:Gadget-twinklewarn.js seems to be copied from EN wikipedia without change and thus pretty unusable. The right to edit JS has been removed from ordinary sysops thus I can't edit that page and maybe nobody else on this wiki can. BTW, I had never used Twinkle before. Taylor 49 (bicara) 16 Juli 2019 01.13 (UTC)