Dari Wikikamus bahasa Indonesia, kamus bebas

Hi there, don't know any Indonesian word but willing to contribute to Indonesian Wiktionary? Don't worry, this page is just for you.

Basic words in Indonesian language
Frequently used words in Indonesian Wiktionary

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How can I contribute in my language?

You can start by either building an index of basic words in your own language (if one doesn't exist yet), or you can start from basic sets of words, such as animals, foods, things, etc.


Please sign your name here (and your language that you wish to contribute to) to participate. Comments are welcomed.

  1. Pengguna:Bennylin (also contributes some Javanese words -- my mother tongue)
  2. Pengguna:Marwan Mohamad (also contribus some Gorontalonese words -- my mother tongue)