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Kata kerja tak beraturan dalam bahasa Inggris (English irregular verbs) akan mengambil bentuk lampau dan bentuk perfect yang berbeda-beda. (total: 307)

Tipe A-A-A (total: 49) a. hit - hit - hit
b. cost - cost - cost
c. cut - cut - cut
d. let - let - let

bet, let, set, (beset, inset, offset, preset, reset, unset upset), shed, spread, wed, (rewed), wet

bid, (outbid, overbid, underbid, rebid), fit, forfeit (jarang), hit, knit, quit rid, shit, slit, spit, split,

burst, cast, (broadcast, rebroadcast, diecast, forecast, miscast, overcast, recast, simulcast), cost, cut, hurt, put, (input, reinput, output), shut, thrust,

Tipe A-B-A (total: 8) a. come - came - come
b. run - ran - run

come came, (become, overcome), run ran, (forerun, outrun, overrun, rerun),

Tipe A-A-B (total: 3) a. beat - beat - beaten

beat beaten, (browbeat), downtrod downtrodden

Tipe A-B-B (total: 145)
a. build - built - built
b. have - had - had
c. pay - paid - paid
d. read - read (dieja /red/) - read (dieja /red/)

bend bent, lend lent, send sent, spend spent, rend rent, blend blent, ken kent, lean leant, pen pent, mean meant, burn burnt, learn learnt, creep crept, keep kept, sleep slept, (oversleep), sweep swept, weep wept, leap leapt, feel felt, (forefeel), kneel knelt, deal dealt, dwell dwelt, spill spilt, smell smelt, spell spelt, (misspell), leave left, cleave cleft, reave reft, (bereave), build built, (rebuild), gild gilt, gird girt, spoil spoilt, bless blest, dream dreamt,

bring brought, buy bought, (rebuy), catch caught, fight fought, seek sought, (beseech/beseek), teach taught, think thought, (bethink, misthink, overthink, rethink), work/wreak wrought,

bleed bled, breed bred, (crossbreed, interbreed), feed fed, (breastfeed, spoon-feed), flee fled, lead led, (mislead), meet met, plead pled, read (hanya berbeda ejaan), (lipread, misread, proofread, reread), speed sped,

lay laid, (mislay, overlay, relay, waylay), pay paid, (overpay, repay), say said, slide slid, (backslide), chide chid, glide glid, bite bit, light lit,

bind bound, (rebind, unbind), find found, grind ground, wind wound, (enwind, rewind, unwind), sell sold, (outsell, oversell, resell), tell told, (foretell), stand stood, (understand, misunderstand, withstand), lose lost, shoe shod, get got, bide bode, (abide), shine shone, dive dove, heave hove, shoot shot, (overshoot),

cling clung, dig dug, fling flung, hang hung, (overhang), slink slunk, sling slung, spin spun, spring sprung, stick stuck, sting stung, strike struck, (restrike), string strung, swing swung, wring wrung, sneak snuck,

have/has had, hear heard, (mishear, overhear), hold held, (behold, uphold, withhold), make made, (remake), sit sat, (housesit, resit)

Tipe A-B-C (total: 102) a. begin - began - begun
b. do - did - done
c. eat - ate - eaten
d. sing - sang - sung

be was were, do did done, (outdo, overdo, redo, undo), go went gone, (forego, forgo, undergo),

lie lay lain, (overlie, underlie), slay slew slain, see saw seen, (foresee, oversee, unsee),

bear bore borne, (forbear, overbear), shear shore shorn, swear swore sworn, (forswear) wear wore worn,

begin began begun, drink drank drunk, ring rang rung, shrink shrank shrunk, sing sang sung, sink sank sunk, stink stank stunk, swim swam swum, think thank thunk,

blow blew blown, draw drew drawn, (overdraw, withdraw), fly flew flown, grow grew grown, (outgrow, overgrow), hew hewed hewn, know knew known, (foreknow), throw threw thrown, (overthrow),

bid bade bidden, (forbid), drive drove driven, eat ate eaten, (overeat), fall fell fallen, (befall), give gave given, (forgive, misgive), hide hid hidden, ride rode ridden, (hagride, override), rise rose risen, (arise), rive rove riven, sake, (forsake forsook forsaken), shake shook shaken, shrive shrove shriven, smite smote smitten, stride strode stridden, strive strove striven, take took taken, (betake, mistake, overtake, partake, undertake), thrive throve thriven, write wrote written, (ghostwrite, handwrite, rewrite, underwrite),

break broke broken, (underbreak), choose chose chosen, cleave clove cloven, freeze froze frozen, get got gotten, (beget, forget), sneeze snoze snozen, speak spoke spoken, (bespeak, forespeak), steal stole stolen, tread trod trodden, (downtrod), wake woke woken, (awake), weave wove woven, (interweave),

Daftar kata kerja tidak beraturan[sunting]

No Tipe bentuk present tense (simple form/infinitive) bentuk lampau (past tense/simple past) bentuk perfect tense (past participle) Catatan/arti
1 A-B-B / standard abide abode / abided abode / abided tinggal, ada
2 A-B-C arise arose arisen bangkit, timbul
3 A-B-C / standard awake awoke / awaked awoken / awaked bangun
A-B-B backslide backslid backslid meluncur
4 A-B-C be (is, am, are) was, were been adalah
5 A-B-C bear bore borne / born lahir, memikul
6 A-A-B / A-A-A beat beat beaten / beat memukul
7 A-B-A become became become menjadi
8 A-B-C befall befell befallen menimpa
9 A-B-C beget begot / begat begotten memperanak
10 A-B-C begin began begun mulai
11 A-B-B behold beheld beheld memiliki
12 A-B-B bend bent bent membengkokkan
13 A-B-B / standard bereave bereft / bereaved bereft / bereaved merampas
14 A-B-B / standard beseech / beseek besought / beseeched besought / beseeched memohon
15 A-A-A beset beset beset menimpa
16 A-B-C bespeak bespoke bespoken memperlihatkan
17 standard / A-B-C bestrew bestrewed bestrewed / bestrewn menamburkan
18 A-A-A / standard bet bet / betted bet / betted bertaruh
19 A-B-C betake betook betaken
20 A-B-B bethink bethought bethought
21 A-A-A bid bid bid menawar
22 A-B-C bid bade bidden menyuruh, mengundang
23 A-B-B / standard bide bode / bided bode / bided
24 A-B-B bind bound bound mengikat, menjilid
25 A-B-B bite bit bit / bitten menggigit
26 A-B-B bleed bled bled berdarah
27 standard / A-B-B blend blended / blent blended / blent mencampur
28 standard / A-B-B bless blessed / blest blessed / blest memberkati
29 A-B-C blow blew blown meniup
30 A-B-C break broke broken merusak, pecah
31 A-B-B breastfeed breastfed breastfed
32 A-B-B breed bred bred menternakan
33 A-B-B bring brought brought membawa
34 A-A-A broadcast broadcast broadcast
35 A-A-B browbeat browbeat browbeaten
36 A-B-B build built built membangun
37 A-B-B / standard burn burnt / burned burnt / burned membakar
38 A-A-A burst burst burst meledak
39 A-B-B buy bought bought membeli
40 (modal verbs) can could bisa
41 A-A-A cast cast cast melempar
42 A-B-B catch caught caught menangkap
43 A-B-B / standard chide chid / chided chid / chidden memarahi
44 A-B-C choose chose chosen memilih
45 A-A-A clad / clothe clad clad
46-47 A-B-B / A-B-C / standard cleave cleft / clove / cleaved cleft / cloven / cleaved membelah
48 A-B-B cling clung clung melekat
49 A-B-A come came come datang
50 A-A-A / standard cost cost / costed cost / costed berharga
51 A-B-B creep crept crept merangkak
52 A-B-B crossbreed crossbred crossbred
53 standard / A-B-C crow crowed / crew crowed berkokok
54 A-A-A cut cut cut memotong
55 A-B-B deal dealt dealt menyepakati
A-A-A diecast diecast diecast
56 A-B-B dig dug dug menggali
57 A-B-B / standard dive dove / dived dove / dived menyelam
58 A-B-C do, does did done mengerjakan, melakukan
A-A-B downtrod downtrod downtrodden
59 A-B-C draw drew drawn menarik, menggambar
60 A-B-B / standard dream dreamt / dreamed dreamt / dreamed bermimpi
61 A-B-C drink drank drunk meminum
62 A-B-C drive drove driven mengendarai
63 A-B-B / standard dwell dwelt / dwelled dwelt / dwelled menghuni
64 A-B-C eat ate eaten memakan
65 A-B-B enwind enwound enwound
66 A-B-C fall fell fallen jatuh
standard / A-B-C fare fared / fore fared / faren
67 A-B-B feed fed fed memberi makan
68 A-B-B feel felt felt merasakan
69 A-B-B fight fought fought berkelahi
70 A-B-B find found found menemukan
71-72 A-A-A / standard fit fit / fitted fit / fitted
73 A-B-B flee fled fled melarikan diri
74 A-B-B fling flung flung melempar
75 A-B-C / standard fly flew / flied flown / flied menerbangkan
76 A-B-C forbear forbore forborne
77 A-B-C forbid forbade / forbid forbidden / forbid melarang
78 A-A-A / standard forecast forecast / forecasted forecast / forecasted meramal
79 A-B-C forego / forgo forewent / forwent foregone / forwent
80 A-B-B forefeel forefelt forefelt
81 A-B-C foreknow foreknew foreknown
82 A-B-A forerun foreran forerun
83 A-B-C foresee foresaw foreseen
84 standard / A-B-C foreshow foreshowed foreshown / foreshowed
85 A-B-C forespeak forespoke forespoken
86 A-B-C foreswear / forswear foreswore / forswore foresworn / forswore
87 A-B-B foretell foretold foretold
88 A-B-C forget forgot forgotten / forgot melupakan
89 A-B-C forgive forgave forgiven memaafkan
90 A-B-C forsake forsook forsaken melalaikan
91 A-B-C freeze froze frozen membeku
92 A-B-B / A-B-C get got got / gotten mendapatkan
93 A-B-C ghostwrite ghostwrote ghostwritten
94 A-B-B / standard gild gilt / gilded gilt / gilded menyepuh
95 standard / A-B-B gird girded / girt girded / girt
95 A-B-C give gave given memberi
97 standard / A-B-B / A-B-C glide glidded / glid glidded / glid / glidden
98 A-B-C go went gone pergi
99 standard / A-B-C grave graved / grove graved / graven
100 A-B-B grind ground ground mengasah
101 A-B-C grow grew grown tumbuh
102 A-B-C hagride hagrode / hagrid hagridden / hagrid
103 A-B-C handwrite handwrote handwritten
104 A-B-B hang hung hung menggantung
105 A-B-B have, has had had mempunyai
106 A-B-B hear heard heard mendengar
107 standard / A-B-B heave heaved / hove heaved / hove mengangkat
108 A-B-C / standard hew hewed hewn / hewed menebang
109 A-B-C hide hid hidden menyembunyikan
110 A-A-A hit hit hit memukul
111 A-B-B hold held held memegang
112 A-B-B housesit housesat housesat
113 A-A-A hurt hurt hurt melukai
114 A-A-A / standard input input / inputted input / inputted memasukkan
115 A-A-A inset inset inset menyisipkan
116 A-B-B interbreed interbred interbred
117 A-B-C interweave interwove interwoven
A-B-C / standard jigsaw jigsawed jigsawed / jigsawn
118 A-B-B keep kept kept menjaga
119 standard / A-B-B ken kenned / kent kenned / kent
120 A-B-B / standard kneel knelt / kneeled knelt / kneeled berlutut
121 A-A-A / standard knit knit / knitted knit / knitted merajut
122 A-B-C know knew known mengetahui
A-B-C / standard lade laded laden / laded
123 A-B-B lay (to put, to place; transitive) laid laid menaruh
124 A-B-B lead led led memimpin
125 standard / A-B-B lean leaned / leant leaned / leant bersandar
126 A-B-B / standard leap leapt / leaped leapt / leaped melompat
127 standard / A-B-B learn learned / learnt learned / learnt belajar
128 A-B-B leave left left meninggalkan
129 A-B-B lend lent lent meminjamkan
130 A-A-A let let let membiarkan
131 A-B-C lie lay lain berbaring
132 A-B-B / standard light lit / lighted lit / lighted menyalakan
133 A-A-A lipread lipread lipread
134 A-B-B lose lost lost kehilangan
135 A-B-B make made made membuat
136 (modal verbs) may might
137 A-B-B mean meant meant berarti
138 A-B-B meet met met bertemu
139 A-A-A miscast miscast miscast
A-B-C misgive misgave misgiven
140 A-B-B mishear misheard misheard
141 A-B-B mislay mislaid mislaid
142 A-B-B mislead misled misled
143 A-A-A misread misread misread
144 standard / A-B-B misspell misspelled / misspelt misspelled / misspelt
145 A-B-C mistake mistook mistaken
A-B-B misthink misthought misthought
146 A-B-B misunderstand misunderstood misunderstood salah paham
147 A-B-C / standard mow mowed mown / mowed memotong rumput
A-A-A offset offset offset
148 A-A-A outbid outbid outbid / outbidden
149 A-B-C outdo outdid outdone mengerjakan secara berlebihan
150 A-B-C outgrow outgrew outgrown
A-A-A output output output
151 A-B-A outrun outran outrun
152 A-B-B outsell outsold outsold
A-B-C overbear overbore overborne
A-A-A overbid overbid overbid / overbidden
153 A-A-A overcast overcast overcast
154 A-B-A overcome overcame overcome
155 A-B-C overdo overdid overdone
156 A-B-C overdraw overdrew overdrawn
157 A-B-C overeat overate overeaten
A-B-C overgrow overgrew overgrown
158 A-B-B overhang overhung overhung
159 A-B-B overhear overheard overheard
160 A-B-B overlay overlaid overlaid
161 A-B-C overlie overlay overlain
162 A-B-B overpay overpaid overpaid
163 A-B-C override overrode overridden
164 A-B-A overrun overran overrun
165 A-B-C oversee oversaw overseen
166 A-B-B oversell oversold oversold
167 A-B-B overshoot overshot overshot
168 A-B-B oversleep overslept overslept
169 A-B-C overtake overtook overtaken
170 A-B-C overthrow overthrew overthrown
171 A-B-B overthink overthought overthought
172 A-B-C partake partook partaken mengambil bagian
173 A-B-B pay paid paid membayar
174 standard / A-B-B pen penned / pent penned / pent
175 A-B-B / standard plead pled / pleaded pled / pleaded
176 A-A-A preset preset preset
177 A-A-A proofread proofread proofread
178 standard / A-B-C prove / proove proved / prove proved / proven membuktikan
179 A-A-A put put put menaruh
180 A-A-A quit quit quit pergi keluar, meninggalkan, berhenti
181 A-A-A read read (IPA: /red/, ucapan "red") read (IPA: /red/, ucapan "red") membaca
182 A-B-C reawake reawoke reawaken membaca
183 A-B-B / standard reave reft / reaved reft / reaved
A-A-A rebid rebid rebid / rebidden
184 A-B-B rebind rebound rebound
185 A-B-B rebuild rebuilt rebuilt membangun kembali
A-B-B rebuy rebought rebought
186 A-A-A recast recast recast menyiarkan kembali
187 A-B-C redo redid redone mengulang, mengerjakan kembali
A-B-C refreeze refroze refrozen
188 A-B-B relay relaid relaid
189 A-B-B remake remade remade
190 A-B-B / standard rend rent / rended rent / rended mengoyak
191 A-B-B repay repaid repaid membayar kembali
A-A-A reread reread reread
192 A-B-A rerun reran rerun
193 A-B-B resell resold resold menjual kembali
194 A-A-A reset reset reset
A-B-B resit resat resat
A-B-B / A-B-C restrike restruck restruck / restricken
195 A-B-B rethink rethought rethought berfikir lagi
A-A-A rewed rewed rewed menikah kembali
196 A-B-B rewind rewound rewound memutar kembali
197 A-B-C rewrite rewrote rewritten menulis kembali
198 A-A-A / standard rid rid / ridded rid / ridded mengusir
199 A-B-C ride rode ridden menunggang
200 A-B-C ring rang rung berdering
201 A-B-C rise rose risen terbit
202 standard / A-B-C rive rived / rove rived / riven
203 A-B-A run ran run berlari
204 A-B-C / standard saw sawed sawed / sawn menggergaji
205 A-B-B say, says said said berkata
206 A-B-C see saw seen melihat
207 A-B-B seek sought sought mencari
208 A-B-B sell sold sold menjual
209 A-B-B send sent sent mengirim
210 A-A-A set set set menata
211 A-B-C / standard sew sewed sewn / sewed menjahit
212 A-B-C shake shook shaken mengocok
213 (modal verbs) shall should dapat
214 A-B-C / standard shave shaved / shove shaved / shaven mencukur
215 A-B-C / standard shear shore / sheared shorn / sheared
216 A-A-A shed shed shed melepaskan
217 A-B-B / standard shine shone / shined shone / shined berkilau
210 A-A-A / A-B-B / standard shit shit / shat / shited shit / shat / shited
220 standard / A-B-B shoe shoed / shod shoed / shod
221 A-B-B shoot shot shot menembak
222 A-B-C / standard show showed shown / showed mempertunjukan
223 A-B-C shrink shrank / shrunk shrunk / shrunken mengkerut
224 A-B-C shrive shrove / shrived shriven
225 A-A-A shut shut shut menutup
A-A-A simulcast simulcast simulcast
226 A-B-C sing sang sung menyanyi
227 A-B-C sink sank sunk tenggelam
228 A-B-B sit sat sat / sitten / setten duduk
229 A-B-C / standard slay slew / slayed slain / slayed membantai
230 A-B-B sleep slept slept tidur
231 A-B-B slide slid slid meluncur
232 A-B-B / A-B-C sling slung / slang slung melempar
233 A-B-B / standard slink slunk / slinked slunk / slinked menyelinap
234 A-A-A slit slit slit membelah
235 standard / A-B-B smell smelled / smelt smelled / smelt berbau
236 A-B-C smite smote smitten / smote mengambil hati, menghantam
237 standard / A-B-B sneak sneaked / snuck sneaked / snuck menyelinap
standard / A-B-C sneeze sneezed / snoze sneezed / snozen
238 A-B-C / standard sow sowed sowed / sown menebar benih
239 A-B-C speak spoke spoken berbicara
240 A-B-B / standard speed sped / speeded sped / speeded mempercepat
241 standard / A-B-B spell spelled / spelt spelled / spelt mengeja
242 A-B-B spend spent spent membelanjakan
243 A-B-B / standard spill spilt / spilled spilt / spilled menumpahkan
244 A-B-B spin spun spun berputar
245 A-A-A spit spit / spat spit / spit meludah
246 A-A-A split split split membelah
247 standard / A-B-B spoil spoiled / spoilt spoiled / spoilt memanjakan
248 A-B-B spoon-feed spoon-fed spoon-fed
249 A-A-A spread spread spread menyebarkan, mengoles
250 A-B-B / A-B-C spring sprung / sprang sprung meretakkan, melepaskan
251 A-B-B stand stood stood berdiri
252 A-B-C steal stole stolen mencuri
253 A-B-B stick stuck stuck menempelkan
254 A-B-B sting stung stung menyengat
255 A-B-C stink stank / stunk stunk berbau busuk
256 A-B-C / standard strew strewed strewn / strewed menaburkan
257 A-B-C stride strode stridden melangkahi
258-259 A-B-B strike struck struck / stricken menyerang
260 A-B-B string strung strung menalikan
261 A-B-C / standard strive strove / strived striven / strived berjuang
262 A-B-C swear swore sworn bersumpah
263 A-B-B sweep swept swept menyapu
264 A-B-C / standard swell swelled swollen / swelled membengkak
265 A-B-C swim swam swum berenang
266 A-B-B swing swung swung berayun
267 A-B-C take took taken mengambil
268 A-B-B teach taught taught mengajar
269 A-B-C tear tore torn merobek
270 A-B-B tell told told menceritakan
271 A-B-B / A-B-C think thought / thank thought / thunk berfikir
272 A-B-C / standard thrive throve / thrived thriven / thrived berkembang
273 A-B-C throw threw thrown melempar
274 A-A-A / standard thrust thrust / thrusted thrust / thrusted mendorong
275 A-B-C tread trod trodden / trod menempuh
276 A-B-B unbind unbound unbound
277 A-B-C unbreak unbroke unbroken
A-A-A underbid underbid underbid / underbidden
A-A-A undercut undercut undercut
278 A-B-C undergo underwent undergone
279 A-B-C underlie underlay underlain
280 A-B-B understand understood understood mengerti
281 A-B-C undertake undertook undertaken
282 A-B-C underwrite underwrote underwritten
283 A-B-C undo undid undone mengerjakan kembali
A-A-A unset unset unset
A-B-C unsee unsaw unseen
284 A-B-B unwind unwound unwound
285 A-B-B uphold upheld upheld menegakkan
286 A-A-A upset upset upset sedih, mengecewakan
287 A-B-C / standard wake woke / waked woken / waked bangun, membangunkan
288 A-B-B waylay waylaid waylaid
289 A-B-C wear wore worn memakai
290 A-B-C weave wove woven menenun
291 A-A-A / standard wed wed / wedded wed / wedded mengawini
292 A-B-B weep wept wept menangis
293 A-A-A / standard wet wet / wetted wet / wetted basah
294 (modal verbs) will would akan
295 A-B-B win won won memenangkan
296 A-B-B wind wound wound menggulung
297 A-B-C withdraw withdrew withdrawn menarik
298 A-B-B withhold withheld withheld mencegah
299 A-B-B withstand withstood withstood bertahan
300 standard / A-B-B work worked / wrought worked / wrought bekerja
301 A-B-B / standard wreak wreaked / wrought wreaked / wrought
302 A-B-B wring wrung wrung memeras, meremas
303 A-B-C write wrote written menulis

Aturan umum bagi kata kerja beraturan[sunting]

1. Jika kata kerja itu berakhiran dengan konsonan maka tambahkan -"ed":

-walk walked
-climb climbed
-laugh laughed

2. Tetapi penambahan akhiran -"ed" bisa mengubah ucapan, oleh karena itu konsonan harus digandakan, seperti:

-sip sipped bukan: siped
-net netted bukan: neted
-pad padded bukan: paded
-mop mopped bukan: moped
-sup supped bukan: suped

|- | -cal |called |bukan: caled

3. Jika kata kerja berakhiran "e", maka cukup tambahkan "d":

-like liked
-rate rated
-impede impeded
-telephone telephoned
-refute refuted

4. Untuk kata kerja berakhiran "y", ubah "y" menjadi "i" dan tambahkan "ed":

-carry carried
-copy copied
-cry cried
-spy spied
-try tried

The following is a list of all irregular verbs occurring at least twice in the Corpus of Current American English.

be, do, have, read, spread, lead, misread, tread, reread, re-read, plead, bleed, breed, feed, speed, shed, wed, upbraid, forbid, bid, outbid, underbid, rid, build, rebuild, hold, uphold, withhold, behold, understand, stand, misunderstand, withstand, spend, send, bend, lend, unbend, find, bind, wind, grind, unwind, unbind, lade, hide, ride, slide, override, stride, flee, see, oversee, foresee, clothe, lie, underlie, make, take, undertake, shake, mistake, wake, overtake, forsake, remake, awake, partake, retake, re-make, betake, strike, come, become, overcome, shine, shoe, rise, arise, lose, choose, write, bite, rewrite, smite, underwrite, co-write, overwrite, re-write, leave, weave, interweave, heave, shave, give, drive, forgive, dive, strive, shrive, thrive, prove, freeze, dig, hang, overhang, bring, sing, string, swing, spring, cling, fling, sting, ring, sling, wring, teach, beseech, catch, break, speak, sneak, stick, seek, think, sink, drink, shrink, stink, slink, work, deal, steal, feel, kneel, spoil, fall, befall, tell, sell, swell, dwell, foretell, resell, spell, misspell, spill, dream, swim, mean, lean, begin, spin, win, learn, born, burn, run, overrun, outrun, re-run, over-run, undo, overdo, outdo, go, forego, forgo, undergo, leap, keep, sweep, sleep, creep, weep, hear, wear, tear, bear, swear, overhear, shear, forbear, beat, eat, bet, meet, get, forget, let, set, upset, offset, beset, reset, inset, preset, off-set, wet, fight, light, fit, hit, split, slit, knit, spit, sit, quit, shoot, overshoot, hurt, cast, broadcast, forecast, recast, typecast, telecast, newscast, miscast, rebroadcast, comcast, podcast, webcast, cablecast, re-cast, hoist, cost, burst, thrust, bust, cut, undercut, shut, put, input, output, draw, withdraw, redraw, re-draw, saw, shew, strew, sew, show, blow, mow, know, grow, throw, overthrow, overgrow, outgrow, regrow, over-grow, sow, lay, slay, overlay, waylay, underlay, mislay, pay, repay, underpay, overpay, say, unsay, gainsay, fly, buy

irregular simple past forms irregular past participles

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