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Crystal Clear action run.png Taylorbot (bicarakontrkontr yg dihapuspemindahanblokirlog pemblokiran) merupakan bot yang dioperasikan oleh Taylor_49 (hubungi pemilik).
Ini bukanlah pengguna siluman.
Pengurus: Jika bot ini melakukan kesalahan yang mengakibatkan kekacauan, segeralah diblokir. Periksa daftar bot.

This is Taylorbot.

The operator responsible is Taylor_49.

Purpose / Utilo / Manfaat / Syfte[sunting]

The bot is able to perform useful edits now but is still undergoing development and testing, it is under strict supervision by the operator and all possible bad edits will be reverted quickly.


Time since
program start
Status completed
Amount of edits
submitted since
program start

Emergency brake / Rem darurat[sunting]

You may want to stop this bot if it is behaving badly. To do so, edit this page, delete all existing content and replace it by "STOP" (4 uppercase letters and nothing else), ignore all possible warnings and submit the edit. The bot will stop after 10 edits at most. Do not ban the bot without having tried to stop it by editing this page. After stopping the bot please go to the talk page of "Taylor_49" and explain why you stopped it. You cannot restart the bot after having stopped it, thus do not stop the bot for the heck. If the bot is behaving badly and does not stop after you have edited this page and 10 edits at most, then it must be banned by a sysop. Please ban the bot's account only and nothing else (not the IP address, not the operator's account), and do not disallow editing own user page.