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Hello ZilentFyld, welcome to Indonesian wiktionary. Thank you for your contribution here! Are you Thai speaker? I hope you can contribute more and help to expand Thai language for our Indonesian wiktionary. =) Cun Cun (bicara) 3 Januari 2019 14.40 (UTC)

@Cun Cun: Yes, but I can't speak Indonesian so some word would be wrong. Did you have better English-Indonesian dictionary that better than or google translate. And I saw you written with different style did I'm wrong. (I'm always go {{-th-}} then {{-(n or v or anything)-}} then # meaning) In Thai wiktionary is really easy to write. just copy enwikt and then translate (that I use my own script to change everything except meaning so I can make page like th:Brief less than a min). If I want to add an pronunciation, etymology, declension, inflection, related term, delivered term, references or see also what should I do
PS. In Thai wiktionary is have a lot of Lao (That use to pass number of English word before I run Lexitron import bot, thx alif for 100 word per day), Shan (Tai language in Myanmar), Tai Lü, Northern Khmer (Khmer Surin, Thai dialect of Khmer) and a lot of languages in Thailand. Do you want these (useless language for Indonesian but not for Thai) languages on Indonesian Wiktionary? --ZilentFyld (bicara) 3 Januari 2019 15.07 (UTC)
@ZilentFyld: I'm sorry, i rarely used English-Indonesia dictionary, but there's a number available on the internet, such as
Yes, you right, that's the different style which is my own style. I am contributing Southern Chinese language, especially Hakka and Hokkien. I don't copy the style from En Wiktionary, firstly because in En Wiktionary they combined all the Sinitic language into one entry according its Hanzi (so there are multiple explanations by each Sinitic language). I didnt want to copy paste their style, because it's too tiring and because I am just contributing to one or two Sinitic languages. I want to popularize the usage of romanization of Hakka and Hokkien (using latin IME) so that people who unable to read Hanzi can easily read them. I am working by myself to translate and correct the error.
Yes, I think they will be useful here in Indonesian Wiktionary, especially Thai. I wish more Indonesian people will go learning Thai language. Me too don't understand Thai, but for me it is one of the most beautiful-sounding language, definitely someday I want to learn it. Cun Cun (bicara) 3 Januari 2019 16.42 (UTC)