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Selamat datang[sunting]

Halo Cun-Cun, selamat datang di Wiktionary bahasa Indonesia, dan terima kasih untuk sumbangsihnya ya.
18 November 2017 01.09 (UTC)

tua rumah[sunting]

Memang betul ada frasa itu:
18 November 2017 01.10 (UTC)

Please check my translation[sunting]

กู, In Etymology it use google translate and I'm not trust them. Please check. --ZilentFyld (bicara) 4 Januari 2019 12.58 (UTC)

I really dont know Thai, sorry :P But it is interesting if it really has connection with Austronesian words. Cun Cun (bicara) 6 Januari 2019 08.46 (UTC)

I also have some problem with ฉัน. That's two different word from different ethymology and have different meaning but writing same. What should I do--ZilentFyld (bicara) 4 Januari 2019 13.10 (UTC)

that's ok I think you write with that style, homophone (1) then homophone (2) Cun Cun (bicara) 6 Januari 2019 08.46 (UTC)